Friday, June 5, 2015

06-05-15 Disc Golf

I don't typically blog about work, but today will be an exception. Every once in awhile we get the chance to get out of the office and do an activity. We have gone bowling and played pool in the past. Today was disc golf. Unfortunately I did not have a camera with me, so you will have to settle for an amateur drawing depicting my afternoon. 

You can see me there, in the center, with some fabulous hair. I was on a team with three guys. Now, my drawing is a bit deceptive in that it would appear that when I throw my frisbee it lands somewhere near the goal. The truth is, that I actually do throw a frisbee pretty straight... Just not terribly far. Hence, it never really landed in the goal unless I was throwing from about five feet away. Regardless, it was actually a lot of fun :) 

After work. I took C to her dress rehearsal for ballet. Her big production is tomorrow night. We are all looking forward to it!!

Doesn't she look adorable?! Love that little girl!