Tuesday, August 11, 2015

08-11-15 We miss Daddy!

Tim has been gone for a few nights now for work so my mom and sister have come to stay with us while he's away. They have been watching the kids during the day, which has been a huge blessing. But we really do miss having Tim here and we are looking forward to him coming home tomorrow. The kids keep asking about him. Last night they crawled into my bed and took his empty spot!!

Boys are funny! This was his preferred method of TV watching this evening. 

This little fellow has become obsessed with food and is eating constantly. Maybe his waistline is trying to catch up with his head, 

This little girl loves her Naona, however at this moment I believe she was trying to negotiate her way out of eating her entire dinner, yet still be allowed to have a brownie and ice cream. It didn't work. 

We miss you, Tim!!