Tuesday, May 26, 2015

05-26-15 A Quiz and a Giveaway!

*updated with answers!*

Ok, so at least some of you have been following along for awhile, so I decided that today, we would have a little fun!

I'm going to post a series of photos, and I would like you to determine if it is a photo of C, Big E, or Baby E. Then post your answers on the Facebook link.

And to add a little excitement, there is going to be a little giveaway! The winner will be randomly chosen (by random, I mean, I will write down everyone's names that comment with their answers on the post and put them in a hat... or a jar... or a coffee cup and I will let Baby E reach his hand in and grab one out. Then I will pry it from his tiny little fist... and perhaps his mouth, and the slobbery name on that paper will be the winner!)

I will send the winner a surprise of my choosing!  (I have no idea what said surprise will be, but it should be fun... or tasty... or shiny!)

The actual drawing will take place tomorrow evening and I will contact the winner as soon as I have washed my slobbery hands.

1. Big E

2. C

3. Big E

4. C

5. Baby E

6. C

7. Baby E

8. Big E

9. Baby E

I'll be honest, I got kinda stuck on #'s 6 & 8! Sheesh! My kids' noses look nearly exactly the same!

Thank you to everyone that played! I'm going to try to do more things like this in the future! Stay Tuned!