Sunday, February 1, 2015

02-01-15 The Tale of the Grasshopper

I sat in the nursery this afternoon feeding baby E. The older kids were downstairs playing. I could hear them running back and forth. After a few minutes of relative quiet they came charging upstairs.

C- Mommy!! mommy!! You have got to hear about this! I have to tell you about the grasshopper!!!

Me- What grasshopper?

C- The one we saw when we went on our walk?

Me- What walk? 

C- When we just went outside for our walk!!!!

So, apparently my four year old and my two year old opened the front door and went for a walk... Alone... Without me!!!

I'm not sure how far they got, but I am eternally grateful for the grasshopper that startled them enough to send them careening inside to tell me about it!

After I finished feeding the baby, I took them outside and asked them to tell me where they went. C insists they didn't leave the stoop, but I am not entirely convinced. Once we were finished, I told them they needed to come inside. C starts shouting "No!" at the top of her lungs and screaming, "BUT I WANT TO SEE GOD'S CREATION!!!" 

I didn't get any photos today. It was one of those days where we lept from one tantrum to another with little break between. I'm hoping as we settle more into our routine these episodes will subside. 

Tomorrow morning Baby E has his cardiology appointment. Prayers appreciated that the doctors will rule out anything serious. Thank you!