Monday, July 9, 2012

I'm not particularly crafty...

So, I'm not really a crafty person. I wish I was... I'm just not...

I was playing with Charlotte yesterday and I found a very small container of play doh she had received in a gift bag from a birthday party. She held it in her hand, dropped it on the floor and walked away. I attributed it to the fact that it was a boring color (white) and wasn't big enough to really enjoy. So, while she took her whopping 3.5 hour nap, I looked online for a homemade play doh recipe. The first one I found looked easy enough! So, I gathered my ingredients and followed the instructions. I was surprised at how simple it was, and after about 10 minutes I had myself a nice large lump of pineapple smelling play doh sitting on my counter cooling off.

Granted, it wasn't very attractive, but I figured I'd add some food coloring and we'd be good to go. I waited impatiently for my creation to cool down enough to add some flour and dye. When it finally did, I added some purple food coloring... What's more fun than purple, right?!?

Needless to say, the food coloring didn't really take, so it ended up being a funky tan, brown color. Still, I was not dissuaded. This homemade play doh was sure to provide my little girl with hours of entertainment! 

Finally she woke up! I ran up to get her out of the crib, telling her excitedly that I had made her something special to play with and whisked her downstairs to show her... 

She seemed hesitant at first as I tried to hand her the large lump of play doh. She wouldn't even take it from me. I showed her how to poke it and prod it, and she did for about 10 seconds. I even got my husband involved. He started forming letters and shapes and pointing them out to her. 

But apparently after two minutes she figured she had humored us long enough, because she turned to me and promptly said, "I want fraw!" (i.e.- I want to draw.) So, defeated, I got her a pencil and some paper and she settled down on the kitchen floor to entertain herself. 

Note my homemade play doh, neglected in the background!

Feeling at least marginally bad for me, and taking pity on me, my husband mustered up some enthusiasm and joined me in making use of my somewhat wasted experiment! 

The creepy thing in the middle was my artistic rendering of Elijah... I know, it's obvious that I missed my true calling! I could have been the Madame Tussaud of the play doh world. 

Anyways, I salvaged the doh as it began to dry and plopped it into a container and stuck it in the fridge. Who knows, I might even attempt yet another play doh torture session with my daughter this evening!