Wednesday, October 7, 2015

10-07-15 Please Just Sleep

After months and months of middle of the night feelings, Baby E finally started sleeping through the night a few weeks ago. I was really excited. The prospect of more than 3-4 hours straight of sleep was beginning to seem like a mythical creature. And then one night he slept, all night long. What a glorious night! Afraid it was a fluke, I dreaded the next night. However to my delight he did it again. And again. And again! Blessed freedom!! Finally!

But then one night not long after, it began... The big kids started getting up. Every night, multiple times a night. It was mostly Big E calling us in for ridiculous things like I'm hot, can you take off my blanket... Or... I want a drink! (His cup is literally six inches from his bed.) Then C stated school and everyone started getting sick with runny noses and coughs and no one was sleeping well. But even as they have gotten better, Big E is not sleeping through the night, 

I remember when C went through this stage. It was horrible. We were living in the farmhouse and the kids were in separate rooms. Her room was right next to ours and she would get up and wander into our room and refuse to go back to bed. Or she would scream for us in the middle of the night. 3-4 times a night. We tried everything... Discipline, a reward chart. We even let her sleep with us for a bit before putting her back in her room, but she would throw a fit. We were so tired!

One day we had some construction done in Big E's room so he had to spend the night in C's room. I was dreading it because I just knew she would be waking him up all night long. But you know what happened? Nothing. She slept. All night. After that night we moved her into Big E's room and we had less problems with her sleeping. 

But here we are with Big E doing the same thing, (He has come down twice to use the bathroom while I have been typing this.) I'm praying this phase doesn't last long! In the meantime, coffee will have to do!

I got to do some homework with C tonight!

C- Grownups sometimes have to tell you to stop, they aren't being mean, they just don't want you to wake someone up... Or get hurt.... Or get killed.