Tuesday, October 6, 2015

10-06-15 Eleven Months

Dearest Goobs,

I can't believe that you turned eleven months today. It is unfathonable to me that it has been almost a year since we first met face to face. You are an interesting little fellow, whose personality falls smack dab between your sister and your brother. You have your C's strong will combined Big E's happy nature. You look like them both as well; C's cheeks and Big E's eyes. 

You love to eat constantly. When we don't feed you quickly enough you scream at us. I'm pretty sure that you will be the teenager that eats us out of house and home! You just learned to crawl last week, but you are already pulling yourself up on anything within reach, and I can tell you are aching to walk. You get annoyed when the big kids try to love on you and you always squeal at them and swat them away. You are starting to give kisses on command. Your eyes nearly disappear when you smile. You still talk like a gremlin. You say mama and dada. 

I asked the big kids some questions about you this evening. 

1. What is your favorite thing about Baby E?
C- That Baby E's cute and he sleeps so cute and he makes a funny face!
Big E- I don't know. 

2. How old is baby E?
C- Twelve... No! I mean 8 months. 
Big E- 1,000

3. What do you think is cute about Baby E?
C- That he makes cute faces. 
Big E- When he sleeps and cries. 

4. What do you want to teach Baby E when he gets older?
C- How to be kind to other people when he grows up.
Big E- I don't know. 

5. What is Baby E's favorite thing to do?
C- Screaming! When we do raspberries. 
Big E- Screaming! 

So there you have it buddy, that's what the big kids think of you! The truth is they adore you, they just don't know how handle you gently. You always think you are under attack, but lately you have been fighting back where you can and I'm convinced you will be able to hold your own, 

By the way, thanks for the cuddles tonight. They were awesome! 

Love, Mommy