Wednesday, July 29, 2015

07-29-15 If you build it, they will come!

More family showed up late last night and this morning!! By this time tomorrow we will all be here! Just close your eyes and imagine a whole farm full of Pearsons! 13 children six years old and younger... With acres and acres to roam, a playground to conquer, and a lake to explore! 

Today was a low key day of playing by the lake, and then playing in the sprinkler by the house. I got my haircut, which I am totally going to regret the first day I go back to work and have to spend 20 minutes taming it in the morning, but I was ready for a change! 

I'm really wishing we had a computer with us, but snap shots of the camera screen will have to do for now... The iPad is just too bulky to be carrying around! :)

With C starting school in just a few weeks, I'm trying to sneak in a few more adventures. So last night we decided to take the kids to see the new Minion movie. It just so happens that we are staying very near the town that my friend shot his film, "Old Fashioned" in and that town just happens to have a classic old movie theater in it so we thought it'd be a great chance to hop over and check it out. The town was really cute. Unfortunately it was late when we got out of the movie and everything was closed except the coffee shop across the street. But we got a cup of coffee and walked around the town for a bit before heading back. It was a beautiful night to be out!