Tuesday, December 29, 2015

12-29-15 Frustrated

I'll be honest, I am pretty frustrated right now. Between Big E's recent head injury, his double ear infection, and pink eye... Baby E's double ear infection, stomach bug, and subsequent tummy issues... And my stomach bug, I'm pretty much spent when it comes to illnesses. So I'm pretty mad that this evening Big E is running a 101.9 temp. I mean, come on!!! Can't we catch a break?!? 

Since we are visiting with my parents I am going to sleep in the room with the kids tonight just in case this turns out to be a stomach bug as well. I'm praying that it isn't. I'm hoping he sleeps well and his body rests. He is in good spirits, but he says his head hurts, his bones hurt, and his left leg hurts. He's been on an antibiotic for over a week, so I know it isn't bacteria, so it must be a virus. 

We had a lengthy conversation that if he feels like he has to throw up, he needs to throw up in the bowl next to his bed. He was confused as to why I covered the floor in towels if he's supposed to aim for the bowl, but you know, I'm not really relying on his aim in the middle of the night.

Please pray he just sleeps.

Besides the fever, our day was actually quite nice. We finally got to Hobby Lobby, which was awesome because I was able to take advantage of their post Christmas sale to pick up a nine foot Christmas tree of our own! I'm pretty excited about something that is going to be sitting in storage for the next eleven months! Ha! 

Baby E has really taken to walking and is now doing that more than crawling. He spent a good amount of time this evening chasing C around the house. It was fun watching them play together! 

By the way, my best friend's birthday is tomorrow, so if you get the chance, let him know how much he is loved!