Monday, March 9, 2015

03-09-15 Four Month Appointment

Today Baby E had his four month well visit. While he has gained weight, he is still hanging out in the third percentile! Little fellow! However he seems to be an over achiever in the head size department because he's coming in at the 80th percentile. :) 

The doctor prescribed a stronger medicine for his eczema. We also discussed the future with his calcium deposits. He gave us the number for ortho at Johns Hopkins and I will be making an appointment for sometime in the next few months. Since it is such a rare condition, he said that we could visit genetics as well if we wanted to. Still deciding on that. 

This evening the big kids came back from visiting my parents so we spent some time settling back into our routine.  

First time in the bumbo!

Ooh! Sock hands!!

He was so exhausted he fell asleep on the changing table as we were putting the big kids to bed. Sweet dreams, little man!