Monday, June 15, 2015

06-15-15 An unexpected day off

Our AC unit started leaking and the only time they could come to look at it was between 10:30-12:30 today, so I ended up staying home. During the course of the morning the infection in my toes started to spread, however the pain was going down and the color seemed a little better. I decided I would go ahead and see my doctor just to check up on it. It still hurt to walk and the toes were still pretty swollen. After 8 doses of antibiotic I thought there would be more progress. 

I was able to get in to see her and she confirmed that it looked better and worse at the same time. She  pressed around on the area and said that the blood flow looked good. I showed her the pictures I had been documenting of my toes and it helped to see the progression. In the end she decided to prescribe me another cream, this one much stronger, in hopes it will knock it out. If not, she will likely send me to a specialist. 

Meanwhile my mom sent me a medical boot. I am very excited about this because my children actually notice it when I am wearing it and they steer clear of my feet. Finally!

It was nice getting to spend a little extra time with my babies today! :) they were a lot of fun!