Monday, August 8, 2011

Reunion Time!

This past weekend the long awaited Pearson Family Reunion took place in Carrollton, Ohio. As expected, it was filled with singing, dancing, outfits made out of curtains and Nazis...

Oh wait... that's the Sound of Music... well, scratch the outfits and the Nazis and you get the picture!

Honestly, though, it was an amazing weekend. Tim and I headed up late Thursday evening. Charlotte slept the whole way! Friday was spent exploring the area, rehearsing some music and hanging out with the family at Tim's grandparents house.

Charlie would ONLY nap in grandma's arms!
How did I end up with an outdoorsy kid?!?
She LOVES crawling in the grass 
enjoying the swing
out by the lake at the campfire
evening at the lake

Saturday was the actual reunion. We played bocci, had a picnic and went paddle boating. Charlotte had fun playing with her cousins. 

playing bocci
Tim, the bocci king
loving on my girl
love the hair!
Hi Cousin Emma! 
pretty girl
We all slept real well on Saturday night! Sunday we got up for church cause the Pearson Family (minus me and the babies) were scheduled to sing during the offertory at the grandparent's church. As always, they sounded amazing! Then it was lunch at Grinders and back to the house for packing. We didn't let Charlie take a nap so that she would be exhausted for the ride home. It worked! 

See her cute little pajamas with the bunny feet? They have no traction. Right after this picture was snapped, she slipped and fell and bumped her head. There were lots of tears! 
On the swing with her great grandparents!
look at that smile!
happy girl!
I thought Charlie looked silly in this pic, so I included it!
My wonderful little family!

Overall, it was an amazing trip! We had such a great time and can't wait to do it again...

Oh... And by the way...

Tim and I are expecting a new baby!!!

Didn't see that coming did you?!?!?

"Chapter 2" is due March 13, 2012
Keep Posted!!