Saturday, December 13, 2014


Do you ever have days that you just feel sorry for yourself? Well for me, today was one of those days... Which, let's be honest, is pretty ridiculous. I'm pretty sure it all started around food. Seriously, I'm always hungry... ALWAYS. And when I am REALLY hungry, I am also undeniably cranky. Beware the nursing mom who needs a snack! It's like a switch flips in my head and suddenly I am no longer a rational, well thinking human being, but rather a ravenous bloodhound hot on the trail of box of Cheez-its or a s'mores pop tart. (man, are those things tasty!) And this morning, I skipped breakfast... Uh oh! I knew the moment I left the house that this was a bad idea, but I plowed ahead anyways... After all, my four year old's ballet teacher wasn't going to wait for me to make an omelette.

Now the unfortunate beneficiary of my hangry (that's a word, right!?!) outbursts is my husband. In this mind altering state, everything he does drives me crazy! Did he just open that door with an attitude?, or I asked him to change that diaper two minutes ago! Why does my kid still stink?!? , or Why is he driving so slow?! Clearly he doesn't care that I'm about to perish in a most inconvenient manner!!! Poor guy. This is totally not his fault. In my more rational and well fed moments, I know he is devoted husband who treats me with respect and kindness and patience, and most of all, love. He's my best friend and the awesome father of my children. So, after lunch and a two hour nap, I reminded myself of this... I have nothing to feel sorry for myself about... After all, I am unbelievably blessed!

So, now that it is late and I am rocking a gassy baby that is as stiff as a board and won't fall asleep, I figure I have plenty of time to tell one of the many reasons why. 

My husband- He's a pretty amazing guy! He's one of those dads that's on the floor with the kids, wrestling or playing dolls (whichever the situation requires.) He gets up at night when the kids wake up, so I can get a few more minutes of sleep. He really does change a lot of diapers, and most of them quite timely! He washes my daughter's hair because she screams like a banshee when  I try. And if you need someone to be impressed with toddler muscles and substandard drawings of Christmas trees, he's your guy! But more than a good father, he is a great husband. He tells me I'm beautiful when I feel like a frumpy, shabby mess. He sends me I love you texts when he knows I'm sad (or hangry.) He pretends every meal I make is the best one I've ever attempted and even forces himself to eat seconds just to cheer me up. Because he is my cheerleader (in the most masculine sense of the word, of course!) He chooses to see the best in me and forgives my shortcomings long before I've humbled myself to be penitent. He is the love of my life and I don't take the time to tell him this enough. He is my greatest blessing and my truest friend. I love you, Timothy. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

My two year old prince

Someone had a birthday yesterday! As a special present to mommy, he let me rock him to sleep last night. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Dearest Elijah,

Before you were born, I thought you were going to be a girl. When you arrived the doctor exclaimed, "It's a boy!"  A boy?!? What did I know about boys? I was raised with a girl. Boys were uncharted territory! As I stared at you that first night, with admittedly, a little trepidation, I whispered, "How do I raise a boy?" Your father leaned over to me and softly said, "You love him." 

Little did I expect the fierce love that that would awaken inside me.

I pray for you daily that you will grow to be a man of integrity and honor; that your words will be uplifting and your courage will be unwavering. I pray that you will be strong and intelligent and passionate. 

But mostly, I pray that God will pursue your heart, to the ends of the earth, to the depths of the sea; and that you, in response, will guard your heart from idols and put your trust in the One that has loved you more fiercely than even I am able.  

For you Elijah, are my little prince. 

1. You love trucks, tools, trains and cars. Your sister got a Thomas track set for Christmas and you were heartbroken that we wouldn't let you play with it.

2. Your grandparents got you a big Tonka truck and you love to push it as fast as you can through the house and run into anything immobile. 

3. You call your dad, 'Papa' and your mom, 'My Mommy'

4. Your word for 'Charlotte' and 'Elijah' are exactly the same.

5. You still love to sleep, and yes, you still use a paci at night. 

6. You think it is funny to eat with your eyes closed. 

7. You are the most ticklish person I know.

8. You have had one haircut, just your bangs.

9. You were a blue monster for Halloween.

10. You hate veggies, but you can't get enough of eggs. You also like pancakes, bananas, and avocados. You love 'achacha juice.'

11. During Mater's Tall Tales, you scream when Lightning McQueen gets pushed down the big hill.

12. You have no self-control when you see someone lying on the floor. You MUST sit on them!


Friday, January 17, 2014

Mommy, it's you!

After having the flu for nearly a week, I was disappointed that I couldn't take Charlotte to church on Wednesday night. I got her all dressed and as she walked out the door I reminded her that I wanted to hear all about it before bed. When she finally returned, she had a beaming smile and she giddy to tell me about her evening. She had said the long version of her memory verse, she had made an ark and played with her friends. Then, barely being able to contain her excitement, she handed me this picture.

"Mommy, it's you! And you have a pink dress! And your dress is a triangle! And you are walking on grass! Mommy, I love you!"

This girl melts my heart!