Friday, August 21, 2015

08-21-15 What is it with my family and toes?!?!

Remember those feet I prayed for last night? Well, this morning as I was loading up the car to drop the kids off and go to work I was letting the older ones ride their bikes/trikes. Big E has a bad habit of not watching where he is going. I told them they had to drive slow and be quiet. Not long after saying that Big E starts screaming! 

C says he just ran in to the neighbor's car. 

Upon inspection it would appear that he was riding his trike, not watching where he was going, and ended up gashing open his toe on the neighbor's car's license plate. 

Blood everywhere!

He is screaming and bleeding. It was awful. It took awhile to stop the bleeding. Then I had him soak his foot in warm water and hydrogen peroxide. Another neighbor came out that happens to be a medical responder. I asked him to take a look at it to see if it might need stitches. The cut was very deep but had stopped bleeding. He said it was on the verge of needing stitches, but if I bandaged it well, he might not need them. I bandaged him up and dropped him with the sitter. The bleeding had stopped and he had calmed down. 

This evening when I took off the bandage it looked painful but not too messy. I think we might have avoided stitches this time, but I will be keeping my eye on it to make sure it doesn't get infected, poor kid!

Now let's keep those feet healthy so they can conquer the world!

(And for the hundredth time... Watch where you are going!)

Cause I am a half way decent mom, I waited until after I had gotten the bleeding to stop before taking a picture. There was no, try not to bleed out while I go grab the camera, honey! It seriously looked a lot worse than this when it first happened. And you can't really tell how deep it is from this pic. He did think the bubbles from the hydrogen peroxide were pretty cool! He also got to eat a little snickers bar while I bandaged him up. That kept him brave! He will be gimping around for a few days, but he will be fine!