Saturday, January 31, 2015

01-31-15 I Want To Go Home

"I want to go home."

He says this each morning as he props his little elbows on the window sill and stares down at the parking lot below. "I miss the farmhouse."

Big E was six months old when we moved into the farmhouse. It is the only home he remembers, and right now he misses it. I once heard someone say 'the barefeet of a child touch the ground and that ground becomes sacred to him.' He will adjust and he will come to love the new house. Likely when he is older, he won't even remember the farmhouse, but for now, it is still sacred. 

Of all of us, he is definitely having the hardest time adjusting. He gets sad easier, (he is usually my happy kid) and he has been needing much more attention and affection. The world is a big place for a two year old and his life just changed drastically. 

We finished at the farmhouse today. Everything is out. Finally. I stepped out its door for the last time. I'll be honest, it was a unique experience living there. The first six weeks we lived there, there was no hot water. I would boil water on the stovetop and pour it into the bathtub to wash my hair and bathe. We caught moles and snakes in the basement. We had a stink bug infestation that resembled a biblical plague. At times I felt like a pioneer woman, like I had stepped back in time. It was such an odd experience, but I am grateful to have had it. :)

All snuggled in bed for story time.

Today was our nephew's first birthday party. Happy Bithday J!!