Monday, September 21, 2015

09-21-15 Open house night

Dear Sweet One, 

Twenty eight days ago we held your hand as you timidly walked the halls of your new school. You clung to our sides, eyes darting around, taking everything in. You were so scared. 

But this evening it was you that guided me through your school. You who took me to your classroom, showed me where you sat, explained which bathrooms were the best (based on how loudly the toilets flush), pointed out your assignments on the walls, and greeted your friends by name. 

As I sat in your little tiny chair your eyes pleaded with me to let you sit with your friends on the floor. As the teacher spoke you played with the hair of the girl next to you. You certainly weren't scared anymore! 

At the end I asked your teacher how you were doing. She said she was impressed with all the things you know, especially considering you are the youngest in your class. Yes, a proud mommy moment! I am grateful you transitioned so smoothly into school and that you enjoy it! 


The other night C had a dream about a boy being stung by a bee. When I opened her writing journal at school I saw this picture. (I love how she even included the fan that sits at the foot of her bed and the picture of the family she has on the wall.)

And this is her playing basketball with the neighbor boy yesterday.