Sunday, March 8, 2015

03-08-15 Perspective Change

When C was born, I remember feeling so overwhelmed. As a first time mom, everything about parenthood made me nervous. I second guessed nearly every decision. I knew for sure that I was messing up.

Thankfully by the time Big E showed up, I started calming down. There was no longer time for mountains when molehills would suffice. My parenting style got a little more lax. 

Now that Baby E is here I realize that the mom he is getting is so totally different than the one his big sister met and grew with. 

This was made so evident to me today when I was sitting in a chair at church and I looked down at Baby E asleep in his car seat and I was perfectly content. It was so peaceful. (The older two are visiting my parents.) Four years ago, I would have felt just a little bit anxious that I was sitting there alone, with a sleeping baby and the full weight of the responsibility of parenthood would have pressed on me. But with only one out of three children to look after today, it seemed so serene. How my perspective has changed!