Monday, October 12, 2015

10-12-15 MOPS night

How has a month passed already that tonight was once again MOPS night!?! This evening's topic was about walking your kids through difficult issues, (ie- anxiety about school, doctors, peer pressure, etc.) we had a panel of speakers with a range of expertise that tackled these topics and really provided useful, knowledgeable help! 

C has been voicing some concerns over the past few days about school and it was incredibly helpful to hear from teachers and a school psychologist about ways to approach the issue and how to open up lines of communication between me and her school. 

I know I've mentioned it before, but it's worth repeating! I love MOPS! If you are a mom with small kids, it is such a lifeline to be plugged into a group of women going through the same season of life as yourself. 

I picked the kids up after MOPS and they were pretty cranky. To be fair, it was way past their bedtime and they were obviously tired. Honestly I dreaded bringing them home with the anticipation of the bedtime struggle. And even though I knew they were tired, I was shocked that all three fell asleep before we got home (just a few blocks from where I picked them up!)

C's homework tonight was pretty adorable. The assignment was to draw and label three things that begin with the letter T. She chose Teacher, Tiger, and Tomato. 

Today was a really beautiful day. The sky was blue and the temps were perfect! Wish I could have spent more time enjoying it!