Friday, July 24, 2015

07-24-15 Good bye old friend

Many years ago I got a cat. He was a special cat. I looked for the largest cat I could find and I came home with a huge white cat named Romeo. I promptly changed his name to Eli. (I know, I know)

He was an awesome cat that loved to talk, cuddle and escape outside. He once escaped into a snowstorm, wandered around the yard and returned twenty minutes later. He had a large pink nose and a flabby belly that bounced around as he ran. He was silly and fun. 

When we hit hard times, we had to give up our kitties. It was a very difficult time, but I found a nice home for him. I've seen pictures of him now and then, and he always looked content. Tonight I learned that he passed away. 

Maybe it's silly to be sad about a cat I haven't seen in years, but I am. I am just grateful that he was loved till the end!