Tuesday, December 22, 2015

12-22-15 My Day In Numbers

2-  The number of times Baby E threw up.

8- the number of truly disgusting diapers I changed.

6- the number of outfit changes for Baby E. 

2- the number of outfit changes for mommy.

2- the number of times we watched Monsters Inc.

8- the number of presents I wrapped. 

9- the height of our Christmas tree,

6- the highest number of feet I can reach to decorate the tree. (There are no ornaments higher than that)

5- the number of s'mores pop tarts consumed in our house.

3- the number of hours Baby E was awake today. 

3- the number of days Baby E has been sick. 

It's been a long few days. Baby E has been sleeping a lot. This evening he finally started to perk up. He has been getting fluids and keeping down food, but will randomly throw up. He enjoyed some applesauce and graham crackers this evening and then became quite chatty. 

I'm praying that we are over the worst of it and that all the sleeping means that his little body is fighting hard to beat this bug. I'm hoping tomorrow brings him some reprieve. Please pray that no one else gets it and that everyone is healthy by Christmas. They have been so looking forward to it! Thank you!