Wednesday, June 17, 2015

06-17-15 Selfies with Goobs

Goobs is having a rough evening... It's one of those evenings where there is more screaming than sleeping. This is rough because without the central ac working, we can't leave him in his room and let him fuss it out. So, we are taking turns walking, rocking, reading to him, and cuddling. 

Baby E has an irritating habit of taking a 45 minute nap around 8 pm. There really isn't any way around it because he will just scream until he falls asleep. Nothing will calm him or cheer him up. It also coincides with the big kids' bedtime, so letting him sleep helps facilitate getting the older kids to bed. But then, like clockwork, he wakes up and wants to play or eat or just see you. Then it takes awhile to get him back down. Hopefully the ac will get fixed soon so he can go back in his room! 

It is fun to see how each kid is different. Singing and rocking usually helped C get to sleep. Big E never wanted rocked and just wanted to be put straight in his crib (he meant business when it came to sleeping.) Baby E likes to have his big head rubbed. 

Last night I slept on the couch with Baby E in his rock n play right next to me. When he would wake up I would roll over and give him his paci and rest my hand on his chest. He would hug my arm and fall back asleep. It was wonderful!