Thursday, June 11, 2015

06-11-15 A bad week for toes...

So the night that Charlotte scraped up her toe, my foot started itching. It wasn't bad and I figured that I must have gotten a mosquito bite. When I woke up yesterday it started itching more and throughout the day it increased. By nighttime, it was beginning to hurt and get swollen. When I woke up this morning it was even worse. During the day the swelling continued. My toes were hot to the touch and it got to the point that I could not bend them. They were starting to go numb! I took some ibuprofen and after a couple of hours the swelling started to subside, and the red started morphing into purple. When I got to the doctors office at 4 pm I could move my toes again and the pain was going away. (And in my true graceful fashion, I proceeded to accidently ram my toes into the leg of a chair) So much pain!!! By the time the doctor saw me, I had fought back the tears and explained everything that had happened. She asked me a bunch of questions and seemed surprised that my toes had gotten that bad in less than two days. She said it is definitely an infection and my body is trying to fight it off, hence the purple hue. She prescribed a strong oral antibiotic and a steroid cream for the area. She said it was good I came in because it likely would have spread. She couldn't determine the source, but said it could have been reaction to a bug bite or any number of other infections.

So now I am home. My toes are swollen again, but I've taken ibuprofen and my first dose of medicine. She said within 24 hours the swelling should be down. I sure hope so as this is pretty painful! Pray that this heals quickly and doesn't get worse. 

Instead of showing you pictures of my swollen toes, I will end this post in a cheery note! Baby E is working on his sitting skills!

I did say "working on" not "mastering!"