Sunday, May 24, 2015

05-24-15 Cheeks

Know one of the things I love about this guy? 

His cheeks!

Seriously, how is such perfect cheekage even possible? They are the ideal combination of squishy and soggy. When he is happy, his cheeks rest properly on his face and defy even the sourest of persons to be unimpressed. But when he is resting, the cheeks go limp, evoking more of a basset hound appearance, begging to be poked or kissed. 

It is true, that in the presence of such outstanding cheekage, housework has been known to be disregarded and dinner has grown cold. For truly, is there any doubt which is more important?

So, should you find yourself in the presence of such a specimen of cheekage, feel free to compliment this dear fellow on the roundness of this face, and if time permits, steal a kiss or a snuggle!