Sunday, November 1, 2015

11-01-15 My Boys

I never pictured myself as a mom of boys. For some reason I thought I was only cut out for girls, probably because I was raised with a sister. I wasn't prepared for what having a son would be like.

I didn't expect the fierce love that a little boy brings, let alone two!

Big E will stop in the middle of his game just to walk over and tell me that he loves me. He will get a shy little look and tell me he has something for me and asks me to come near. When I do, he leans over and plants a gentle kiss on my cheek. He will ask me to pretend to be sad so that he can cheer me up with a kiss. I call him Handsome Pants and My Little Prince.

Each morning he likes to sneak in my bed and cuddle under my covers with me. And when he is scared he clings to my side or wraps his arms around my neck to keep him safe. His sweetness and his smile brighten each of my days.

As for Baby E, his chunky cheeks and his high pitched squeals remind me that babyhood happens so quickly. When I get him out of his crib each morning he giggles and smiles and nestles under my chin. No matter who holds him, when he hears my voice or sees my face he lunges towards me. I am his favorite and I'm definitely okay with that!

When I look at my boys I am constantly reminded of what a lucky mommy I am!