Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Little brother

Now that Elijah is more alert and spending more time awake, Charlotte has started to pay more attention to him. She loves her little brother and often asks if he can join her in whatever activities she is doing.

I find myself saying phrases like, "Elijah is too young to play the piano with you, Charlie, but he can listen as you play!" or "No, he can't eat chips yet because he doesn't have teeth, but it was nice of you to share!"

The other day she insisted that he sit with her and watch cartoons, so I propped him in the corner of the chair. All went well until he started flailing (as babies are prone to do) and his foot touched her leg. Uh oh! Suddenly she was whining and poking at him... So it begins!

Tim was actually able to catch this adorable video. This is the first time we have let her hold Elijah all on her own. Considering she still doesn't fully grasp the concept of 'gentle,' I'd say it was a pretty gutsy move! But she did surprising well, and it yielded a great video op!