Thursday, March 19, 2015

03-19-15 First Teeth

This little fellow had his two bottom front teeth break through today!!

Congrats buddy!

03-19-15 Happy Birthday, Elijah!

Dear Elijah, 

At exactly 6:52 PM three years ago today you, my sweet little boy, were born. It's been an amazing three years with you in my life. Your compassion, kind spirit and sweetness has been such a blessing. You are growing quickly and I know that before I can fathom it, you will be grown... After all, three years just flew by. I've told you the story of how the doctors told me you were a girl and then you weren't. How it was hard for me to imagine my life with a boy. How that first night, with you in my arms, I fell in love again. 

Now you are big. You insist on doing everything yourself. But you still cling tightly to my hand when you get scared. Certain things frighten you... The dark... The horse coat rack... Being upstairs alone.

But then you show me your muscles, made bigger by the chicken nuggets you just ate, and in that moment you are a super hero. 

I pray that your life is full... That you don't hold back... That God captivates your heart and draws you close. I pray that you are gentle, yet brave. That you never lose your empathy. That you smile a lot and laugh often because you have the best laugh I have ever heard. Don't be afraid to love people, to trust people and to think the best of them. There is enough sarcasm in the world. Be honest, just, fair. 

And always remember that my life is fuller, better and happier for having held you in my arms, stared at your intensely blue eyes and kissed your beautiful face. I love you, son. I love you. 

Love, Mommy

- You love trucks and trains and planes. 
- When you grow up you want to work with your toolbench.
- Your favorite food is chicken.
- Your favorite movie is Cars. 
- Your favorite color is black. 
- You just had your shortest haircut to date. You kept walking around saying you had Gabe's hair (your cousin).
- You finally told me you don't miss the farmhouse anymore.
- You love your baby brother. 
- If someone takes a toy from you it makes you angry, but if they ask for it you hand it right over. 
- Hair freaks you out. When there is a loose hair on your hand you have a fit. 
- You don't like your hands to be dirty and insist on wet paper towels throughout each meal to maintain your cleanliness. 
- You want to be Batman when you grow up.