Wednesday, September 30, 2015

09-30-15 Provision

I've mentioned before that I'm not so good with traveling, right?!

Well, this weekend I am signed up to go on the women's retreat with my church. 

As expected I've hit the pre travel stage where I start to freak out about my upcoming trip. The first stage is denial. I've changed my mind! Nope! I'm not going! You can't make me! 

The second stage is the worst case scenario stage. It's that charming stage where my mind runs endlessly through every worse case scenario it can conceive, and trust me, none of them end well! 

The next stage is acceptance. I'm going. I'm choosing to go. I will go

At any moment, I can fluctuate between these stages. 

There are certain things that are trigger points when it comes to traveling. Two of the main ones are how am I feeling physically? And is there going to be bad weather?

Well guess what, I've been feeling sick for the past three days and there is a big fat hurricane heading our way! So there! Let the freakout commence. And that's what I did for most of the day.

But then this evening I got a note from someone and it said exactly everything I needed to hear and a peace washed over me. And someone else stopped me in the hall at church and whispered that they were praying for me. Isn't that one of the greatest responsibilities of the body of Christ? To encourage one another. So thank you to those women that ministered to me this evening in exactly the way I needed to hear. You have blessed me beyond measure. 

Maybe I will be surprised and this weekend will be a breeze. Or maybe it will push me out of my comfort zone in really uncomfortable and unexpected ways, but which ever the case I can say with assurance, God is still good.