Wednesday, October 28, 2015

10-28-15 Late Night

It's 10 pm and I just got my final kid to sleep. I had a mops steering team meeting this evening so I put my kids in awanas just for tonight and afterwards I was quickly reminded why I chose not to keep them in the Wednesday night programs. It's just way too late for my little ones.

Hopefully one day soon they will be up for it but we just aren't there yet, especially Big E. He was super fussy when I got him from his class and stayed that way till he passed out in his bed while C was brushing her teeth!

With the boys asleep I took s few minutes to start C's tangram book. She was surprisingly engaged in it. She wanted to know if China was very far away and was amazed to learn that it was further than both Arkansas and Ohio. She was also curious as to if the Tang Dynasty ever made it to Florida! Ha!

She learned some new words like 'Dynasty,' 'overlap,' and 'parallelogram.'

It was nice to get a few quiet moments with her this evening!

This fellow crawled in my bed this morning. Such a sweetheart!

Passed out this evening! Long day for my big guy!

Ha-ha! This one totally looks like a selfie!