Wednesday, February 4, 2015

02-04-15 Guilt

I spent the better part of today feeling guilty that we have decided to (at least temporarily) take our kids out of Wednesday night programs at church. 

Every Wednesday ended the same, with me trying to wrangle two wild children while carrying a baby. Inevitably I would have to physically restrain one or both children into their car seats and proceed to listen to full out screaming the entire way home. Once home, I would then have to get two cranky toddlers to bed while dealing with a screaming, hungry baby. In the end, everyone would get to bed late and I would tumble into bed totally defeated. 

So a few weeks ago we decided to stop doing it. But each Wednesday I feel a little guilty that they aren't there. I think about what they are missing out on. And today I was really beating myself up about it... That is, until I got home. 

My dear friend Rebecca, who watched the kids all day, had dinner made and my kitchen cleaned by the time I walked in the door so that I could spend a nice quiet evening at home with my family. And that is exactly what I did. We sat around the table and talked. We told jokes and answered questions. We were together. By the end of this evening, I didn't feel guilty at all. I felt blessed. Thank you, Rebecca!