Sunday, January 11, 2015

01-11-15 So much painting...

Today we painted and painted and painted! The carpet comes tomorrow so we tried to get as much done as possible. Hopefully tonight's freezing rain won't interfere with the installation.

We are really grateful for our awesome family and friends that have jumped in to help us with painting, carpet removal, carpet staple removal, cleaning, etc. It's been such a huge job and we aren't even done yet!

And I'm pretty sure with all the noise we are making we are sure to be favorites with the neighbors. It's hard to tell now, but our family is usually pretty sedate!

Painting and babysitting at the same time! Uncle Chris has skills!

Master bedroom

Naptime under the dining room table. (It didn't actually work out. They ended up by the stove again. But they did sleep for two hours!)