Wednesday, January 14, 2015

01-14-15 Settling in

We were greeted this morning with beautiful fat snowflakes drifting past our windows. It seemed like a good day to stay inside and get organized. 

I spent the morning moving boxes to make room for the deluge of boxes that will be coming tomorrow. 

The kids room is starting to come together!

And of course I couldn't resist snapping a few shots of these cuties. This evening C thanked me for moving us into a new house. 

Little E got a present from his Great Grandma, but I think he might have to grow into the hat! Thanks Great Grandma Bernier!! It's adorable!

And finally, since our bed won't fit in our van, and we haven't yet moved the big furniture, T and I had to resort to sleeping on toddler mattresses last night. They aren't that bad if you stay curled up in a ball! Ha! On the bright side, they make our bedroom look huge! Plus the separate, yet parallel beds shout 1950's sitcom!