Tuesday, March 24, 2015

03-24-15 The time I tried to take pictures of baby teeth...

Have you ever tried to photograph baby teeth? Seriously, this might be the hardest milestone to capture. First of all, babies never stop moving. Never. For every in focus picture I have of baby E, I have about 12 blurry ones. 

Second, once they have teeth, their hands rarely leave their mouths. And when they do, there is usually a nice dripping string of drool from mouth to hand... And hand to everything else. Teething babies drool like St. Bernards. And suddenly everything you own is slimy.

Knowing this about babies didn't dissuade me from trying to capture a shot of those brand new pearly whites this evening. So without further ado... here are not pictures of baby teeth. Don't worry, I weeded out the blurry ones... In other words, most of them.