Saturday, October 10, 2015

10-10-15 Touch a Truck

Today was Touch a Truck Day! The local fire department and EMS brought out their trucks for the kids to get the chance to see them up close and play inside them. The kids had seen a fire truck at Maryland Day this past year, but we're too timid to get too close, so I wasn't sure how this would go. C  jumped in feet first, but it took Big E a little while to get over his trepidation. When he finally did, he had a blast! 

Look how big those wheels are!

C- My favorite truck was the blue one (the ambulance) because of the pretty lady that worked in it! 

Still nervous about getting in a truck, but we convinced him to get in the big tanker.

He finally agreed when C said she would get in with him. 

After that he was hooked and wanted to sit in every truck!

He liked this one because they let him pull the chain and blow the horn!

What a great chance to introduce the kids to such an important resource in our community. Thanks for the folks that put that together!

Baby's first Panera! He likes their bread.

This afternoon/evening we got to spend some time with the cousins. My sister in law had an unfortunate run in with her finger and a knife this afternoon and had to get stitches, so we watched the kids. 

I love C's expression in this picture! 

What a crazy busy day, but it was wonderful!