Sunday, September 27, 2015

09-27-15 A Painting Party

A girl from C's ballet class invited her to her birthday party today. When we arrived, C was pretty nervous and clung to me. The ballet friends were very sweet and came up to her and encouraged her to play. C was the youngest in the group and definitely the most timid. After about 45 minutes she finally warmed up and started playing with them and then they were inseparable. It was nice watching her come out of her shell!

The party was a painting party and was really a cute idea. The kids were given canvases on easels and they got to paint them. C has been begging to paint things lately so when I told her what they were going to do she got very excited! She picked out a kitty to paint. She spent a long time choosing each color she was going to use and tried her best to stay within the lines. She was very proud of the finished product!