Thursday, May 28, 2015

05-28-15 Let's grow an alligator!

Tonight was a beautiful evening and we decided to sneak in a walk before the rain. It kind of backfired, because when we got half way through the walk (in other words, the furthest point we had planned to go) it started to rain. Fortunately we got home before getting completely drenched! 

This is the boardwalk that my children refer to as "the stinky bridge." 

The water has been unusually low lately, but thankfully not very stinky!

Goobs always likes going for walks! Such a happy boy!

A friend of ours gave the kids a little alligator that you put in water, and over the course of a few days it is supposed to grow. So when we got back to the house, the kids decided they wanted to grow their alligator.

We will check in tomorrow to see how he is doing.