Friday, January 13, 2012

Early domesticity is highly encouraged...

Charlotte's love of vacuums is starting to get out of control. She knows the word, knows where one is kept and can hear one a mile away.

Sometimes she tries to intervene and take over vacuuming, but gets angry when I try to explain to her that you can't always go forward with a vacuum. Sometimes you have to go backwards. She will have nothing to do with that silliness.

I was giving her a bath in the sink last night when she heard Tim vacuuming in the other room. This elicited such excitement that bubbles and water flew everywhere accompanied by squeals of delight.

Later, Tim laid the vacuum down on the ground so that he could clean out the bristle area and she wandered over, got on the floor and nestled her head against it. My precious. 

In Charlotte's world, her love of the vacuum is rivaled only by her love of the kitty. Therefore, I truly pity B'Oscar if she ever learns to combine these two passions!

She took a brief moment out of her vacuum reverie to talk to me in her "old man" voice.

Now back to playing... I like how at the end of this video, she crawls across the room and starts chewing on the protective guard we installed on the fireplace... Mmm... tasty...