Sunday, August 30, 2015

08-30-15 It will happen soon.

Dear Baby E,

I can see it in your face before you even try. You spy something just out of reach and your eyes open wide. Your arms start to flap in anticipation. And then you dive face first towards your goal. Rarely do you reach it. But you want to, oh how you want to. You let out your frustration with squeals and cries, and begin to maneuver yourself by rolling back and forth, stretching out your arms until you grab what you first dove for. I want to reach down and help you, but you have to learn this on your own. 

I know we are weeks, maybe days from you crawling, and all that that entails. It's the calm before the storm, really. Once you learn that skill then the game changes. Every staircase, every lost small toy part, every piece of dropped food will be fair game. (I will never forget the day I pulled cat poop out of your sister's mouth or the dead stink bug out of your brother's.) Kids can be gross. 

It's a bittersweet milestone for mommies, I think. We love to see our kids grow and develop and we know that with crawling they are one step closer to walking. But it's also the moment our children start to assert their independence. It's their first taste of freedom, and the moment they begin a lifelong pursuit of it.

So while I am excited that you are getting closer to mobility, I will enjoy the last short weeks when I can find you where I set you down and not worry about outlets, kitchen cabinets, and (Lord willing) deceased insects and cat poop.