Thursday, February 26, 2015

02-26-15 Snow Days and X-Rays

It snowed this morning pretty heavily and work opened late. I decided to take the day off and got to spend some extra time with the kids. We made brownies and hummus. We played with cars. Aunt Julie visited and we played doctor. We walked over and visited cousins and played there too. So much playing to be had! 

And when our road was finally plowed and the sun came up, I decided to take Baby E down for his x-Ray. 

It was kinda sad pinning him down on the x-Ray table and holding his arms up so they could get a good shot. He screamed most of the time. We were both happier when it was over. After the x-Ray, the technician asked me some questions that got me a little concerned, but I've been trying not to worry about it until I hear from the doctor. She emailed him the x-rays so hopefully we will hear from him very soon. 

 We appreciate your all your prayers and well wishes. Thank you!