Wednesday, May 13, 2015

05-13-15 Girls' Day

Today was a huge... Make that monumental day in our house. Kindergarten registration! Bring born at end of August means that C slides in right under the cutoff for Kindergarten, so today we signed her up. 

I decided to make a girl's day out of it. After registration we got lunch and then went to the park. After a long time there we headed to the store and bought her a new pair of flip flops. Then I took her to get her very first pedicure. It has been ages since I had one myself. She was a little nervous but cheered up when I told her she could pick out her own nail polish color and she could pick out mine. She chose bright pink with sparkles for herself. And for me she initially picked black with sparkles, but then landed on dark purple.

It was adorable to watch the whole process. In the end she had a lot of fun and couldn't wait to show off her sparkly toes!