Wednesday, October 14, 2015

10-14-15 SBD Syndrome

SBD Syndrome, better known as Shaken Bus Driver Syndrome is a serious condition. It is the result of a school bus running ahead of schedule and the driver deciding to let a five year old off the bus without an adult present!!!

That's right, C's bus dropped her off a few minutes early this afternoon even though there was no adult there to get her!!! Fortunately our neighbor was out walking his dog and he noticed her standing at our door with the eight year old neighbor girl, ringing the door bell and knocking. His wife came out and watched her until her ride arrived (on time!) 

School policy dictates that when there is no adult present a child stays on the bus and rides back to school and waits there until an adult can pick them up. 

This is not the first time this has happened. One day Tim was home and lost track of time. He looked up, saw the time and headed for the door just as C was ringing the doorbell. Yup, the driver had dropped her off without an adult in sight. 

I've contacted the school and the department of transportation. Also, Tim will be seeing the driver in the morning at pick up. They better assure me that this will not be happening again. 

Meanwhile this evening I had to answer a lot of questions about being left alone and why would someone do that, and about how scared she was. Poor little girl. I'd have been scared too!