Thursday, March 26, 2015

03-26-15 Family Date Night

Remember the sleep charts?

I'm very proud to announce that C made it through! There were a few rough nights, but all in all she did great and we have been getting better sleep since we started! 

As her reward she got to choose a family date. She chose a trip to Rita's. (She is allergic to dairy, so this is the closest she gets to ice cream. This is a huge deal for her.)

She was so excited! We took advantage of the nice evening and ate outside. 

Afterwards they got to play with daddy. 

It really was a wonderful way to spend our evening. She worked hard for that reward and I'm glad she enjoyed it so much. Good job C!!!

03-26-15 Three Year Appointment

Everytime the kids go to the doctor I have the nurse write down their weight and height and I take a photo of them with it. That way I won't forget to write it down.

Today was Big E's three year appointment. He seemed so much older chatting with the doctor and getting his height and weight measured. I dug through last year's pics to find out how much he has grown.