Thursday, September 10, 2015

09-10-15 Shooting Thunder (A Giveaway)

When we left the house yesterday evening to go out, we drove into a very bad storm. The sky was black and there was a ton of thunder and lightning. The wind was swaying the trees and it was raining so hard, I could barely see out the window. I decided to pull over in a parking lot and wait out the worst of it. 

And this was our conversation...

C- I'm scared of this storm. I wish Daddy was here so that he could rescue us. 
Me- It's ok, honey. We don't need rescued, we are just waiting out the storm. It will only be a few minutes. 
C- But I'm scared.
Big E- I wish daddy was here too. He could bring his gun. Then he could put those things in the back of his gun. And then he could SHOOT THE THUNDER!!

That's what my son wants. He wants someone to shoot the thunder. 

I started thinking about it. Is there anything more pointless than shooting at thunder? I think I am going to adopt this phrase... Feel free to join me. Use it along the lines of herding cats. (An impossible, ridiculous task that you can never successfully accomplish.)

For example- 

Trying to get my kids to bed on time is like shooting thunder.

Convincing my three year old that green beans are delicious is like shooting thunder.

Not hitting the snooze button in the morning is like shooting thunder.

Now it is your turn. 

Leave a comment on this post (or email me) with your best shooting thunder example. This time tomorrow I will randomly select one person who will receive a yet-to-be-determined-yet-totally-awesome prize in the mail! 

Let the games begin!