Sunday, October 25, 2015

10-25-15 A mom's dilemma & Baby E gets a toy

This afternoon I decided to make brownies with the kids. Tim was taking a nap, trying to sleep off his cold, so I thought it would be a quiet activity that would keep them engaged. I left them at the table to stir the mix as I was cleaning up the kitchen. 

C- Will getting pretzels in them hurt them? 
Me- Um, why do you ask?
C- Because I'm chewing and I accidentally spit some pretzel crumbs in it. 

Ugh! I briefly thought about just tossing the whole batch, but quickly scratched that idea when I realized how upset the kids would be, so I let them finish stirring and then I put them in the oven. 

In comes the dilemma. It's 10:00 at night, my children are in bed, and I am craving a brownie!! What's a mom to do?!? After all, five plus years of motherhood have stripped my brain of that filter that used to keep me from doing a great many gross things. For goodness sakes, I've picked boogers out of someone else's nose. I've kissed dirty feet that have gotten scraped up. I've wiped bums and cleaned up vomit. I've cuddled with children covered in a variety of bodily fluids. I've licked used spoons, eaten the last few bits of someone else's decimated dinner, and I've smelled baby butts to see if that odor is coming from my kid! So really, a few pre-chewed preztels covered in cooked brownie and sprinkled with peanut butter chips really doesn't sound that bad!! 


In other news... 

I still can't believe that Baby E is turning one in less than two weeks! He is starting to make so much progress with his motor skills. He is crawling like a champ now and he really wants to walk. He keeps forgetting that he doesn't know how and has face planted more than once. 

He has this bizarre habit of banging his head on things on purpose! Nothing makes him happier than sitting with his back to a door, or a wall, or a cabinet and rocking back and forth tapping his head against the hard surface. 

This evening he was playing with a new toy that Ms. Rebecca and Mr. David got him when they were on vacation. He got so excited when I place it in front of him. He got this massive smile and started 'talking' to it immediately. 

I love his cheeks. So adorable!