Thursday, June 25, 2015

06-25-15 Beyond that door

Beyond that door and in that bed is a little girl who is too excited to fall asleep tonight. 

For you see, tomorrow morning is her first plane ride. The ticket has been booked for weeks, but we only just told her a few days ago. Since then, it has been her favorite topic of conversation. I got her books all about airports and flying. Her carry on is packed with activities and snacks. She has excitedly asked a million questions, and I have answered them all with matching enthusiasm! 

Because she doesn't know that I hate flying. I'm pretty much terrified of it! I could make a list of things I'd rather do than fly- give a speech in front of a stadium of people, get the proverbial dreaded root canal, give birth without drugs

I've never liked flying, but my anxiety with flying certainly increased after 9/11. I've been on a few planes since then, and it's been rough. 

But I don't want my fear to be her fear. I want her to be excited about flying. I want her to get a thrill out of take offs and landings. I want her to look with awe outside the window, to point to the ant like houses below. 

So when she chatters on endlessly about planes and flying, I smile and chime in with excitement. I know she will be safe and she will have fun. And I will squeeze her extra hard when she gets home!