Monday, August 24, 2015

08-24-15 Early Birthday Party

Since tomorrow is the first day of school, Naona and Aunt Julie wanted to be here for the big day. And since C's birthday is Wednesday we thought we would have a little party for her this evening. First we took her to her favorite restaurant for dinner... IHOP. (Because nothing starts the school year off right like a huge chocolate pancake filled with chocolate chips and smothered in chocolate sauce, right?!?) 

Then we came home for cake (which she wasn't up to eating, probably because of the nature of her dinner...) and then presents! 

She was very excited about both of her big gifts! Thank you Naona and GP for the Frozen bike and Aunt Julie for the Frozen scooter!! They were both a hit! (And she did get to have a few bites of cake before bed!)

08-24-15 A Letter to my Daughter

Dear sweet girl, 

I crawled into your bed tonight as you were going to sleep. We didn't really fit, the both of us crammed into a toddler bed, but you snuggled in closely as I stroked your hair, damp from your evening bath. I stared at you trying to memorize every line and curve of your face, to cement it in my mind for future recollection. You are beautiful. 

Tomorrow you start a new adventure, one I'm not sure either of us is really quite ready for! My heart pounds a little harder when I think about it. How can you, my first born, be heading off to school? Wasn't it just yesterday that I stared at my big belly pleading for you to arrive? Wasn't it just yesterday that the doctors said they couldn't get your heart rate up, so they would have to take you out and do it very quickly? I was so frightened. But then you were there... In my arms... And you were perfect. And the beginning was rough, but we found our rhythm and I would rock you each night as you fought sleep. 

How is it that that baby went to a school this morning to meet her teacher? You were so scared, being in a room filled with strangers and you clung to your daddy's neck so tight. But then they called your class and you slipped from his arms and got into line. I'm scared, daddy, but I'm still going to do it!

You are brave. You are beautiful. You are loved. 

It's ok to be scared. Sometimes life is just plain scary. But more often than not, when we push through that fear there is something beautiful behind it. 

My advice to you is to remember your Father in heaven. When you are scared, pray. And remember your family at home. We are waiting eagerly for your return. We are proud of you and we love you so very much! 


Kindergarten orientation was today. When we got there they shuffled us all into the cafeteria. It all ran smoothly, but there were a lot of kids and parents and it was a bit overwhelming for C. She held on to her daddy through all the announcements. When the classes were finally dismissed though, she got into line and headed out the door, not once looking back. When we met up with her in her classroom, we got to meet her teacher and ask questions. She still seemed pretty nervous, so we decided to walk  her around for a bit. By the time we were all done none of the other kids were there, but it was a good chance for her to feel a little more comfortable in the building tomorrow. She will likely be the youngest in her class so anywhere we can add a little confidence is helpful. By the time we left she was running around and having fun! 

She got to ride the bus. 

She got to see the gym...

She got to read some books in the library...

She got to visit her classroom again...

And she got to play on the playground!

Congratulations to my little girl! Class of 2028!!!