Sunday, July 26, 2015

07-26-15 Vacation!!

We made it to Ohio around 8:30 last night after eight hours of traveling. The kids did great. Baby E slept on and off and only fussed for a total of five minutes during the whole trip, what an awesome baby!

After greeting great grandma, the kids ran around and wore themselves out. We got to bed very late. As I was laying in bed, beginning to drift off, I heard one of the kids throw up. Poor C had thrown up all over herself and bed. Ugh. Clean up time. An hour later, she did it again. So, what started as a late night turned into an all nighter! Baby e was restless so by daybreak, Tim and I had only gotten a few hours of sleep. What a way to start vacation!

Thankfully today she has been much better. We had a slow morning with lots of resting. After that, no more upset tummy and she was eating, running, and playing. The kids got to go down to the lake and play on the play ground. We went shopping with great grandma. They got to ride their bikes, and this evening Big E rough housed with his great grandpa. It was wonderful! 

At one point, Big E came running in, breathless, "Mommy, come see what I found!!! It's a bad worm!!" I followed him outside just in time to see a small garden snake slither under a bush.

Big E is also having a hard time remembering what to call great grandma. Besides "grandma," he has called her "ms. Grandma," and "that lady we came to the store with." 

I only took a few photos on the iPad. Most are on the nicer camera, so I can't upload them until I get near a computer. 

Love this place. 

Playground time!

Three generations of Pearson men. I love this!