Tuesday, August 25, 2015

08-25-15 A first day recap in C's own words

Over dinner this evening I asked C a few questions about her first day of school. Here are her responses. 

1. What was your favorite thing about school? That we really, really, really got to go to the library. 

2. What was your least favorite part about school? I didn't even get to do puppets. 

3. What do you think about your teacher? That she's very nice and that she lets us go on the playground all the time. And she lets us stay up. I didn't like going on the playground because I got all sweaty. 

4. What did you like about the bus ride? That I got to sit next to a new friend!

5. Did you make any friends? Yup! But I don't remember my friends.

6. Did you miss Mommy and Daddy? Yup! That's why I made that picture for you guys! 

7. What do you want to be when you grow up?  I don't know.

8. Are you tired? Uh huh. 

9. What did you think of the cafeteria? Very good. No one wanted to sit next to me. I scooted over next to my friend. But no one wanted to sit next to me. (Mommy heartbreak moment right there.)

10. Did anything scare you today? Well, one of Ms. B's kids ran away. That was super scary! The one that was in the blue shirt! (Yikes! Poor teacher!)

11. Did you answer any questions in class? Yes.

12. Did you like your desk? Love it! I love it! It's so beautiful and I sometimes I want to have... And I wish that I could be with daddy right now! (Aww!!)

13. How tired are you? I'm like this big? (Holds her hands five inches apart.)

So there you go... C's first day in her own words.  Sounds like she had fun. 

With her birthday being tomorrow, I cleared with her teacher to let me bring in a snack for the kids. 

I'd like to lie to you and tell you I baked these this evening while preparing a healthy, organic meal for my family, but in all honesty I bought them at Giant on my way home, and divided them into baggies. I did make the labels, so that's something, right?!? As for my healthy organic meal? I picked up a rotisserie chicken, instant mashed potatoes and canned biscuits. At least no one went hungry! 

08-25-15 The First Day

Dear sweet girl,

Today was your first day of kindergarten. I could tell you were nervous because you got up super early and wandered into my room asking to cuddle with me. Then you barely ate breakfast. You kept saying your stomach was full, but I imagine there were quite a few butterflies dancing in your tummy. You picked out a beautiful blue dress and let me brush your hair. Then you rode on your scooter as you waited for the bus to arrive. At that moment you seemed so incredibly big and small at the same time. Big because you have grown over the summer, your arms and legs have lengthened and thinned. But small because your backpack hung off your shoulders dwarfing your petit frame. 

You were excited to realize you would be riding the same bus as a neighbor girl... The same girl you stand in awe of every time she passes. When you finally saw the bus, you once again became timid and clung to your daddy. I'm scared, Daddy! But as the doors opened and the other kids boarded you took your daddy's hand and walked towards the steps. You stepped up, let go, and didn't look back. And so began your first day. 

I worked a short day today so that I could see you get off the bus. When the doors opened and the kids piled out I waited to see your face. When you jumped down you ran to my arms and held on as the bus drove off. And then you started talking! You told me all about your teacher and that you got to go to the library and you made lots of friends. You smiled and laughed all evening. 

By bedtime you were exhausted and a little fussy. This new schedule will take some getting used to for all of us. Welcome home little one! 

Rest. Sleep. Dream. 
Tomorrow is a new day.