Sunday, November 29, 2015

11-29-15 Home

We got home this evening from a wonderful weekend at my parents' house. The kids love seeing their grandparents! Naona spoils them silly with crafts and cookie decorating. Big E got a real treat when he got to ride in GP's new car! 

I'm looking forward to the Christmas break, when we will get to spend even more time with them! 

You may be wondering why most of my pics this weekend were of C. The answer is simple, she doesn't move around as much as the boys! Most of my pictures of the boys were just a blur! Ha!

My wrists have been hurting me the past few days, so typing is painful. That's why I haven't written much. I got a brace for one of my wrists tonight, and that seems to be helping a bit. Praying they start feeling better soon! I kinda need my wrists for editing!!