Friday, July 27, 2012

Big sister

I'm pretty sure that Charlie loves being a big sister. She dotes on Elijah and always tries to 'include' him in things. She likes to kiss him goodnight and tries to offer him food. She wants him to sit at the table with us and asks him to say grace too.

For the most part he just stares at her with a big smile and takes in everything that she does. I hope they will always be close friends!

Once there was this 'goat'...

Last week we took a family trip to Ohio and went to the Carroll County fair. While there, Charlotte met a goat... (a sheep actually, but in her version of the story it is a goat. So be it.) 

This 'goat' was not very friendly. It had started raining pretty badly during our fair visit. When we entered a barn to escape the monsoon, the first pen was a group of 'goats.' (remember, sheep) As I approached them to show Charlotte, one of them charged toward us making loud bleating noises. This absolutely terrified her and she started to scream. It was one of those screams that starts out silent, so you know it's going to be really bad once it gets going. Poor girl was a mess and wasn't happy until her daddy was holding her tight in his arms and reassuring her that everything was ok. She clung to him the rest of the day. 

When we got back to the great grandparents house we asked Charlotte to tell them about the goat. Her eyes got huge and she started to shake and then she burst into a long monologue about her goat adventures. 

Over the past week we have had her rehash the story multiple times. While nothing beats the first time she told it, she is still pretty articulate and emotional about it. I think it will be one of those events that is seared into her memory forever. 

So, with no further ado... Here is the 'goat' story as told by Charlie.