Monday, December 28, 2015

12-27-15 Favorite time of the year

One of the many reasons that this is one of my favorite times of the year is that I get the whole week between Christmas and New Years off! (This year my time off has been extended because of Baby E being sick.) Each year we try to use some of this extra time to spend with my parents. It's great to have this extra week to decompress and spend with family! 

After a rocky start, we got in early yesterday afternoon. (There was a screw in our tire which set us back from getting the early start we had hoped for.) Fortunately we had gotten the kids the Storybook Bible DVDs for Christmas and they enjoyed watching them on the long ride out here. (I highly recommend those videos, by the way!) 

Naturally they were excited to see their grandparents and their grandparents' Christmas tree.

Poor Big E was really disappointed when the first present he opened as a new pack of underwear. His face dropped, afraid that all the presents would measure like that. "This isn't a toy! It's underwear!" But the day was redeemed a few moments later when he opened his next gift and found a coloring book. 

We had dinner with my mom, dad, sister, cousin and my cousin's fiancĂ©. After dinner Tim disappeared with Big E and gave him a much needed haircut, though I confess I miss the blond locks! Tim went for a new look as well. I will try to post pictures of his tomorrow. 

I got the boys matching pjs for Christmas and this was the very first time they were dressed alike. I loved it! Big E as very excited that his little brother was dressed like him. 

Today was a lazy day, but this evening Tim and I went to see Star Wars! It was fun to get out, but now it is late and we will regret it in the morning!

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